I am working on a Python snippet try to use arcpy.da.SearchCursor() to extract value of certain field from a Info Table which generated by executing arcpy.Statistics_analysis().Here's my code:

Table = "D:/xxx/stats.info"
with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(Table,["AREA_SUM"]) as cursor:
    for row in cursor:
        Number = row[0]
print Number

However I always got RuntimeError: cannot open 'D:/xxx/stats.info'. I think it's caused by improper file name extention, but I'm not sure what the correct one is.

Plus: is there any other possible way of extracting value from Info Table using arcpy?


Isnt the dbase extension .dbf? Try placing the output from summary statistics in a file geodatabase, stats = r'C:\data.gdb\sumstat' then read this using the cursor.

But from what i can see there is no need for sumstat, you can do print sum([i[0] for i in arcpy.da.SearchCursor(fc,'Area')]) (see list comprehension)

Summary statistics is perhaps faster if your table is very big.

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