I'm developing a location based game and using the buildings as a part of the element of the game.

I'm using the Mapbox SDK 2.0 in unity.

Now I'm noticing on some part of the maps are loaded, but not all buildings are showing up due to "Buildings with Unique IDs". When I disable this flag, I get the geometry of the building, but the assigned IDs are not the IDs from Openstreetmap, but more just numerically ordered ids beginning from 1.

I am using the IDs for a gameplay element, so this is pretty unpleasing.

I added a screenshot of the objects, which are beeing generated.

I tried different data sources in Mapbox, currently using this: mapbox.3d-buildings,mapbox.mapbox-streets-v8

enter image description here

Anybody got an idea, what I could do?

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