In August I have used Qfield for a campaign collecting pictures without problems. Now I am preparing a new campaign, similar to the previous one.

I am testing the new project and I have discovered that Qfield records temporarily the pictures that I take in the project in my phone, but does not show the DCIM folder with the pictures. I have tried to set "External resources" and "Photo" as "Edit widget" from the attributes of the layer, but both give the same problem.

When I check on my computer the data collected in the attributes table, I can see that in the field of "external resources" or "photos" there is a path for the picture collected DCIM/20190422234047398.jpg, but in the phone there is no DCIM folder with picture to download.

I didn't have this problem with the previous Qfield version. Does anyone have the same issue or knows what the problem could be?

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