I am taking a CSV file and importing it with the XY Event feature layer. I then am trying to use the Copy Feature tool to get "Object ID" assigned to each row in order to run an attribute query. My issues is that I can't get the Copy Feature layer to work properly. I believe that the issue is with the feature class I am trying to make using the tool.

I am new to python and can't seem to get this to work right. I am sure I have other issues with my code, but one step at a time.

When I do the try/expect the code works till the copy features layer, so I know that is probably my first of many issues.

#Import a CSV file that will show you what ASOS weather stations are in the state.
import arcpy
import os 

#Lets you write over the shape file if needed
arcpy.env.overwriteOutput = True

arcpy.env.workspace = "C:\\GEOG485\\FinalProject"
#Latitude and Longitude Coordinates 
xFieldName = 'LON'
yFieldName = 'LAT'

#Output folder
outFolder = "C:\\GEOG485\\FinalProject\\Output"

#ASOS stations layer
eventLayer = "ASOS"
outPutlayer = "CurrentStations.shp"

#Spatial Reference
spatialRef = arcpy.SpatialReference(4326)

#CSV file that will be imported into ArcMap
csvFilePath = "C:\\GEOG485\\FinalProject\\isd-history.csv"

#Select state of interest
targetState = 'NJ'

#Date of file last updated
targetEnd = '20190329'

    #import csv file using the xy event layer tool
    arcpy.MakeXYEventLayer_management(csvFilePath, xFieldName, yFieldName, eventLayer, spatialRef)

    #Copy features from the XY Event Layer in order to asign Object ID's to the rows in the file
    arcpy.CopyFeatures_management(eventLayer, outPutlayer)

    #Select Attribute management to narrow down the state of interest
    arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management("currentasos", "NEW_SELECTION", '"STATE" = ' + "'" + targetState + "'")
    arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management("currentasos", "SUBSET_SELECTION", '"END" = ' + "'" + targetEnd + "'")
    print ("success")

    print ("error")

    mxd = arcpy.mapping.MapDocument("C:\\GEOG485\\FinalProject\\basemap.mxd")
    df = arcpy.mapping.ListDataFrame(mxd, "*")[0]
    newLayer = arcpy.mapping.Layer("currentasos")
    arcpy.mapping.Layer(df, newLayer, "Bottom")
    print ("error4")
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    Your try/except is masking a potentially useful error. Do line by line printing in between to see what the error is and update your question. – smiller Apr 22 at 21:15
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    You're writing to a folder but also not giving a file extension. Either make your workspace a gdb or give the output from copy features a. shp extension – smiller Apr 22 at 21:17
  • Is success (variable) defined somewhere? This will fail currently. If you want it to print the string "success", enclose in quotes. – smiller Apr 22 at 21:21
  • So i assigned a shp extension, but still having the same problem with FID being assigned to the rows instead of OID. – Will Apr 23 at 9:36
  • Didn't catch that you were looking for objectid earlier. You need a feature class in a geodatabase for that. Shapefiles have FID. support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000010834 – smiller Apr 23 at 12:00

There are a few syntax errors in your code. Overall, when testing out a new process be careful what you include in try/except blocks as they can mask helpful errors. When in doubt, remove it from the try/except and just do each line separately, printing each line (or print(arcpy.GetMessages()) ) to see what errors occur and at what stage.

A few things of note:

You're writing to a folder but also not giving a file extension. Either use a GDB as your workspace or give the output from copy features a. shp extension. If you explicitly want ObjectIDs (featureclasses) vs FIDs (shapefiles), set your workspace to a geodatabase. http://support.esri.com/en/technical-article/000010834

On an earlier edit you had a line printing success (variable) - Is this defined somewhere? This would fail if not. To print the string "success", enclose in quotes.

Before performing SelectByAttributes, create a layer. In the current edit of the Question, there is a reference to a feature class "currentasos"; use MakeFeatureLayer_management to create a layer first, as this is required for SelectByAttributes.

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