I would like to download tile layers in this form:


Because I want to use them offline with my leaflet map.

However, I can't find what are the approaches to download such tiles for offline use? Are there some apps for this?

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    How many tiles are we talking about? What's the geographic extent, the zoom levels? Techniques differ depending on that. – IvanSanchez Apr 23 at 7:32
  • forgot to sign up, so posting from this account. geographic area is country: georgia. zoom levels, let's say: 16,17,18 – user140887 Apr 23 at 7:39
  • Does the tile provider allow this kind of usage? – bugmenot123 Apr 23 at 8:36
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    Just for your info: zoom level 18 means 68.719.476.736 tiles (if map is square), and each tile should be about 5KB to 25KB. – TomazicM Apr 23 at 16:21
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    You can try TileLayer.PouchDBCached plugin: github.com/MazeMap/Leaflet.TileLayer.PouchDBCached – TomazicM Apr 24 at 15:00

This golang script works like a charm for downloading tiles from WMS servers: https://github.com/Luqqk/wms-tiles-downloader.

To do it in the browser: https://github.com/MazeMap/Leaflet.TileLayer.PouchDBCached as mentioned by https://gis.stackexchange.com/users/104146/tomazicm (@TomazicM)


sas.planet is my favorite tool. You will use it forever.

for more info : SAS.Team SAS SAS.Planet


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    can you add some more information to your answer as links may get offline. – MrXsquared Jun 5 at 22:31
  • You need to install it on an online computer to get the tiles downloaded in the installation sub directory.Then copy that directory in an offline computer to use them offline with leaflet map. – Mohamed Tounsi Jun 6 at 11:28
  • Please let me know if you succeded to do it :) – Mohamed Tounsi Jun 18 at 13:29

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