I'm clearing a large project of all legacy PostGIS code, and I'm looking for a comprehensive list of everything that could be a deprecated function call. I'm not going to change it all in one swoop -- I'm aware that POINT() is probably in some WKT and should not be replaced with ST_POINT(). But I'd still like to know them.

All the pages I've found so far just say "Stop using the deprecated functions!" and lists the new ones but I don't know for sure what every single one of the old ones is. It's not as simple as "All new ones without the prefix" because, for instance, I doubt there could have been a PostGIS COUNT() that was improved to ST_COUNT().


There's no exact list that you are looking for, but most of the information you seek are in the comments of the SQL generation scripts:

Also, take a look at the documentation / tools for a hard upgrade between versions. This handles upgrading of deprecated functions.


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