The purpose is to build a dictionary of earth grid's squares: for each square, I know their coordinates and the country they represent.

This may be something similar to https://gis.stackexchange.com/a/195696/141941

but for my purpose, I just need a much simpler resolution.

Example: Suppose my title is point (all of four angles shares same coordinates) I can map the tile to Italy:

// pseudo code
// coordinates of Rome as example
[('CapitalLatitude': '41.9', 'CapitalLongitude': '12.483333'),('CapitalLatitude': '41.9', 'CapitalLongitude': '12.483333'),
('CapitalLatitude': '41.9', 'CapitalLongitude': '12.483333'),
('CapitalLatitude': '41.9', 'CapitalLongitude': '12.483333')]

Is there maybe a service / API I could use to fetch all tiles of Earth with their coordinates and represented countries, given a resolution of, say, 500km ?

I m not GIS person, I inquired on:


which maybe is the thing I am looking at - if so, could you describe how to use QDGC using python ?

(I m just interested in fetching the Country represented by a tile, not visual representation on a map)

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