I'm working with 2 different layers. First one is a csv file with 3 fields. Name, longitude and latitude. Second is a text file with the field name.

I want to assign the longitude and latitude fields to the second layer when the name coincides, anyone knows how to do it?

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    This sounds like an excel-task to me, not like one for QGIS. – Erik Apr 24 '19 at 14:49
  1. Add the CSV to QGIS as a Delimited Text layer, using the latitude column as the X coordinate and the longitude column as the Y coordinate.

    • For more details about adding a delimited text table, see this tutorial.
  2. Add the text file as a delimited text layer without geometry.

  3. Open the layer properties for the CSV > Joins. Join the text table to the CSV, using the name fields as the common field.

    • For more details on performing a table join in QGIS, see this tutorial.

Or, as Erik suggested, you can combine the tables in Excel.

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