I created a point shapefile by converting a raster into points. The default fields generated were FID, Shape, POINT_ID, and GRID_CODE.

I added two new fields "X_location" and "Y_location". I generated the values for these two newly added fields by calculating geometry. Further, I extracted the corresponding NDVI and LST values for the points in the shapefile.

Now the problem is, when I apply the "Select by attributes" option, I can select values for the fields POINT_ID or GRID_CODE. But when the same is applied for the X_location, Y_location, NDVI or LST field, it doesn't work.

More specifically saying, I applied the following query.

Select by attributes--> Chose method as "Create new selection"--> "POINTID"--> Get Unique values--> "POINTID"= (Some value chosen from the retrieved value list)--> Apply. This query worked. But when the same was applied with a different field like "X_location", "Y_location", NDVI or LST, it selected nothing! Even after selecting a value from the list (after clicking "get unique values"), it showed, "0 out of 2799326 selected". I was only changing the field and getting the new unique values for the same field!

I made sure that the value I wanted to select, was present in the table. Also, in the ArcCatalog, in the file properties, I checked for index and there any index was not present. So I made new ones. Still it did not help.

Where exactly I am doing wrong?

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    What do you mean by "does not work", do you get an error? What is the sql expression you used? – BERA Apr 25 at 5:44
  • "Does not work"means it is not selecting anything, while from the fields POINT_ID and GRID_CODE it is selecting! The value I select is definitely present in the database and I select it by getting unique values from the select by attributes window. No error message is showing. – Swadhina Koley Apr 25 at 6:25
  • However, i solved the problem by exporting the shapefile to a feature dataset in a geodatabase. As I have a really large no. of entries (more than 27 lakh points), so I thought to convert it into a geodatabase. – Swadhina Koley Apr 25 at 6:26
  • 2.7m points isn't large for a shapefile. You didn't specify how you did the query, so there isn't any way to figure out what was wrong or why changing the format worked. – Vince Apr 25 at 10:20
  • To be able to select by coordinates you might have to round them, or even convert to integers – BERA Apr 26 at 5:07

I eventually found out a solution for the same problem while going through different trial and error methods. I have tried adding new fields and using the field calculator with the same existing values. But nothing worked. I don't know much about the indexing part (I found that solution only in this platform, but didn't work for me somehow!) However, as I have really a large no. of entries (more than 27 lakh points), I just thought give it a try by converting the shapefile into a feature class in a geodatabase and then apply the select by attribute option. And it worked!

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