I am trying to replicate the label that I have attached an image of.

Is this possible in ArcMap?

So far I have stacked 3 labels but am unsure how to:

  1. Create 3 individual boxes around the stacked labels
  2. Include the 4th label field and rotate at 90 degrees

This is my current expression:

[Code] &vbnewline& [Plot_Ref]&"_"& [Plot_ID] &vbnewline& [GRASS_Ref]  

enter image description here


Instead of combining multiple attributes in a single label, you can Create Classes for each attribute by changing the "method" Dropdown.

enter image description here

You can then position each label separately, including the angle property for the fourth attribute by going to "Label Settings"->"Properties"->"Symbol Properties"->"Edit Symbol" enter image description here

As far as the boundary is concerned, I once did it by using a template empty boundary png as another class.

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