When convering raster to polylines, I understood that I can specificy the minimum line length with dangle tolerance, but this does not seem to be working.

Is this not possible, or am I misusing the function or is it bugged?

Here is the script I use:

... import arcpy

... import numpy as np

... inRas = arcpy.Raster('D:\pythonshiz\estimator.tif')

... polyline= "D:/arcmapshiz/mytestingdatabase.gdb/polyline"

... backgrVal = "ZERO"
... dangleTolerance = 100.0
... arcpy.RasterToPolyline_conversion(inRas, polyline, backgrVal,dangleTolerance, "SIMPLIFY")

... del inRas

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    Please Edit the question to specify the coordinate system of the data. – Vince Apr 25 at 10:55

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