In ArcGIS, when I want to Label my layer, there are a number of label styles I can choose from.

I would like to have that Feature in QGIS as well. For example, when I label my layer in a certain font, color, format and buffer, I would like to save my self-made label and just add it to another layer. Would that be possible?

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    At the bottom left of the style window is the corresponding menu. Styles have to be in .qml-format. – Erik Apr 25 '19 at 12:06
  • You are right, thank you. I thought .qml-format represents only symbology but it does also store label styles. – DGIS Apr 25 '19 at 12:42
  • .qml stores almost everything, sadly not layernames, but also predefined values etc. – Erik Apr 25 '19 at 12:54

To copy label style from one layer to another, right click on the layer name in the layer panel (the "table of contents" or "ToC" as Arc-users like to call it) > Styles > Copy/Paste Style > Labels

enter image description here

Note: In QGIS 2, it was only possible to copy/paste all the style settings at once. The ability to copy/paste parts of the style (like label settings) is a new feature in QGIS 3.

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