I'm trying to cut my raster to fit a polygon, but it keeps doing this weird thing pictured below. I've tried the following things:

  • Merging and dissolving the polygon into 1 polygon
  • Converting the polygon to a raster

Neither has worked. Any ideas on how I can solve this? enter image description here

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    Have you tried Clip with your polygon as clipping_geometry? Should work – BERA Apr 26 at 11:49
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    What GIS software are you using? – PolyGeo Apr 26 at 12:14
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    It's likely that your clip geometry is corrupt (wrong ring rotation). You need to repair the geometry before you can use it. – Vince Apr 26 at 12:15

I repaired the clip geometry and I also checked the "Use input features for clipping geometry" box which I don't think I did before? Stupid. It works now anyway.

Thanks for your help!

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