I want to compute a total area of a large raster dataset using .reduceRegion(), but receive the "Earth Engine capacity exceeded" Error. Is it possible to overcome it? For example create a vector grid over an AOI, map .reduceRegion() over each sell and then sum up the results?

The code is following (also available on Earth Engine):

var aoi = ee.Geometry.Polygon(
        [[[1.0167888602549056, 32.24107677376602],
          [1.0167888602549056, 3.3274515320624296],
          [42.457218547754906, 3.3274515320624296],
          [42.457218547754906, 32.24107677376602]]], null, false);

var dataset = ee.Image('JRC/GSW1_0/GlobalSurfaceWater');
var selected_data = dataset.select('occurrence').clip(aoi);

var area = selected_data.reduceRegion({
      reducer: ee.Reducer.sum(),
      geometry: aoi,
      scale: 15,


Map.addLayer(selected_data, {}, 'Target image');
Map.addLayer(aoi, {}, 'AOI');

There is a limit to resources that you can use on-the-fly and unless that is lifted for you, you can not bypass that. These limits apply when you are trying to view results in the console with print or adding a layer to the map. However, I found a workaround to your issue. Check out the code in earth engine here

I just created a feature collection with one point feature (can be anything really, it's not important) with the area set as one of its properties.

var dummyFC = ee.FeatureCollection(ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point([1,1])).set('area',area));

Then i just exported the feature collection as CSV to the drive and got a CSV result.

  fileNamePrefix: 'area_test',

If you are not interested in running it yourself or don't want to wait for the result of this exact operation. I got the the value 1.3716314113697263E11 (137163141136.97263) as result.

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