I have a GeoTiff raster with 1461 bands, each band representing 1 day for a total of 4 years. Basically, the geotiff is just a collection of 1461 images.

What would be the best option to animate this GeoTiff that shows all bands in succession? Ideally I want to show 24 bands (24 frames sequentially) per second in my video/gif.


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A bit of a roundabout method, but here's what worked for me:

  • Make a shell script w/ gdal_translate to extract all bands as separate .tif files

    gdal_translate -b <bandnum> in.tif out<bandnum>.tif

  • (Optional) For my case I needed to apply a custom colormap to each .tif file, so I used MultiQML + Qgis console. Output:colored<bandnum>.tif

  • Another shell script w/ gdal_translate to convert the .tif files to .jpg

    gdal_translate -of JPEG -co worldfile=yes colored<bandnum>.tif out<bandnum>.jpg

  • Finally, imageio to make .gif from .jpg files (fps=24). Taken from this answer.

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