I'm working in a viewer based in potree with entwine, and i want to have HeightAboveGround (HAG) as a additional information, without replace Z in the LAS data. The target is to show the elevation and the geography of the place and additionaly the height of the trees and vegetation.

I tried to assign HAG to UserData but the dimension needs to be unsigned and size 1, so is not helpfull at all. As see in Visualizing extra bytes from LAS 1.4 in Potree? you can't visualice extra bytes data (to utilice as a display dimension), so i think maybe is possible to change the data type of UserData dimension and gonna be able to fetch this data, but i don't have any results doing this in pdal 'Dimension.hpp'. There's a way to do it? or a better way to realized my goal?

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