I have managed to cobble together two Python snippets, one to import multiple delimited files, and another to apply a style. What I would like to do is combine these into one operation, and if possible assign a group for them (creating it ideally if it doesn't exist)....

The below is what I have so far:

import os.path, glob
from qgis.core import QgsProject, QgsVectorLayer
for file in glob.glob('C:/PathToFiles/*.QGIS'): # Change this base path and change backslashes to forward slashes
  uri = "file:///" + file + "?delimiter=%s&xField=%s&yField=%s&useHeader=no&crs=epsg:27039" % (" ","field_8","field_9") #(Delimeter, XField, YField) #1st column in file is column 1
  vlayer = QgsVectorLayer(uri, os.path.basename(file), "delimitedtext")
  vlayer.setFieldAlias(1,'X') #these order of columns go: 0, 1, 2 etc



from qgis.core import *
def applystyle_group(name):
    root = QgsProject.instance().layerTreeRoot()
    point = root.findGroup(name) #Find Group AP
    for child in point.children():
        if isinstance(child, QgsLayerTreeLayer):
            if child.layer().type()==0:
applystyle_group("SPS Files")

As you can see, the group I am operating in is called 'SPS Files'.

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