I have a mosaic dataset built from a netCDF file that has time enabled as a dimension. The mosaic dataset has had pyramids and statistics calculated for each item to allow for proper display when stepping through time.

The problem: when viewing the dataset at any given time step, if one zooms out to a certain scale the view changes and reverts to some "default" view (typically timestep 1). This is not the same issue as the "dataset disappears when zoomed out" that I have seen others post which requires a change to the Raster Attribute Table MaxPS value.

I have attempted to clear and rebuild statistics and pyramids multiple times, re-import the netCDF file, add the netCDF data a new mosaic dataset, and build overlays for the mosaic dataset. None of these solutions worked, however interestingly when overlays are built for the mosaic dataset every overlay level builds an image based on the "default" layer indicating there is some connection there.

A work-around that I found so far is to export all raster items to individual raster files (.img) and then import the folder containing these files to a new mosaic dataset. While this corrects the problem and allows for proper display of the data at all scales, I now have to maintain two datasets the source and the individual raster files.

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