For years I have created QGIS projects from Shapefiles using ESRI County Coordinate prj files. I have always been able to add aerial imagery from an ESRI ARCGIS Online server or local server and the imagery reprojects quite well. However, with the newest QGIS release, version 3.6.1 NOOSA, aerial imagery reprojects into lat, long, even if the source projection of that imagery is UTM.

Other than uninstalling version 3.6.1 and going back to an older version of QGIS, is there an elegant, simple and efficient way to handle this problem?

  • Just change your map CRS, on-the-fly reprojection is now the default in QGIS 3x. – user2856 May 12 at 1:26
  • Been there, done that. Doesn't work. When you set the project crs to the correct county coordinate system then add a raster image with a native UTM crs, the raster reprojects to lat long. With previous versions you didn't have to set the project crs and raster images reprojected properly. Thanks for trying. – stephennicholson May 13 at 2:16

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