I'm using QGIS and I'm trying to get the coordinate system into lat/long instead of eastings/northings. I think I'm choosing the correct coordinate system, but my "Extent" is listed in eastings/northings. I'm new to QGIS so I don't know what I should do next. Is there a re-project tool that I'm missing? I've attached an image for reference:

enter image description here

  • This is one of the very common mistakes, asserting rather than projecting, redefine back to the original coordinate reference system, load as a layer in QGIS then right click, select save as then change the output CRS to as specified and choose EPSG 4269, this will change the vector coordinates to geographic and set the CRS you want. – Michael Stimson May 2 at 23:00

You can recompute the extent by going from the information tab to the Source tab.

Then click the Update Extents button.

If that doesn't work, go back to the source layer, and in the layer list you can right-click it then go down to Export > Save Features As.

In the CRS portion of that window you can change it to output the new layer to EPSG:4269 - NAD83.

  • Hmm... I did both of these things and the Extent never updated. It still says its EPSG:4269 - NAD83 as before. It's very strange and stubborn. Is there a way I could do this with Python or something else? – densify May 2 at 23:38
  • 1
    @densify open an empty, new QGIS project and load the layer there. Then follow the second set of instructions I've shared here. – SaultDon May 3 at 6:01

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