I want to export filtered data from JSON to a CSV by selecting a couple of fields and applying a where clause. I get empty output when using either the -sql or -where parameters with the -select (field_list) parameter.

Here are two different formulations of the command:

ex 1)

ogr2ogr -f CSV "output.csv" "raw.json" -select "id","name","type" -where 'type="city"

ex 2)

ogr2ogr -f CSV "output.csv" "raw.json" -sql 'select id,name,type from raw where type="city"'

The following query successfully exports desired fields but unfiltered.

ogr2ogr -f CSV "output.csv" "raw.json" -select "d","name","type"


You need single quotes around city, as it is a literal. Double-quotes indicate an identifier.

Try ogr2ogr -f CSV "output.csv" "raw.json" -sql "select id,name,type from raw where type='city'"

See the documentation for more information. https://www.gdal.org/ogr_sql.html#ogr_sql_quot

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  • Check first with ogrinfo what is the real name of the layer that raw.json contains. It is not necessarily "raw". Read the Layer section from gdal.org/drv_geojson.html. – user30184 May 3 '19 at 6:36

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