Looking through the Folium documentation I can't find how to add a popup to a polygon GeoJSON layer in Folium. Looking through the Leaflet documentation it seems like its possible, but I don't know how to translate the JavaScript to Python. Below is a snippet of the code I'm using to render the map.

stand_boundary = folium.GeoJson(stands_gdf, name='Stands')

The stands_gdf variable is a GeoJSON read into a GeoDataFrame.


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List all columns except 'geometry' culumn of your GeoDataframe and create a popup with these fields

fields = [ column for column in stand_boundary.columns if column not in stand_boundary.select_dtypes('geometry')]

m = folium.Map(tiles='stamentoner')

folium.GeoJson(stand_boundary, popup = folium.GeoJsonPopup(fields = fields)).add_to(m)

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