I am trying to get the polygon of a basin boundary using R. I got a 7.5 arcsec DEM that I download from this page: https://topotools.cr.usgs.gov/gmted_viewer/viewer.htm

I look through a lot of websites and papers where I found that it is possible but not a with a clear example of how to implemented. In this paper: http://confluence-jwsm.ca/index.php/jwsm/article/view/2/1 ; they use RSAGA package to get the boundary but I have found no function to that in the package.

Does anybody know how to do this ??

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  • I'm not an RSAGA user myself, but you would first want to fill sinks with rsaga.fill.sinks, then try rsaga.get.modules(libs = "ta_hydrology"). Usage description is not available for Upslope Area as in rsaga.get.usage(lib = "ta_hydrology", module = "Upslope Area"), but perhaps look at section "Creating a Watershed Map" here. And worth looking at section 9.3 of Geocomputation with R – mweber May 9 '19 at 17:06
  • Thanks, I will try it. – Santiago I. Hurtado May 10 '19 at 18:04

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