How can I get Canada to overlap with the rest of my map?

I think this is a CRS problem but I really do not know how to solve it.

enter image description here


Your raster layer is Pacific centered (0 ~ 360 degrees), while the bluish polygon is in -180 ~ +180 degrees space.

You will have to decide which x-range you will use. I think most people will choose to modify vector layer since Affine Transformation is available in many GIS software.

For instance, QGIS has Translate tool (Processing Toolbox > Vector geometry).

Below image shows an example to offset X by +180 degrees for GADM Canada coutry data.

enter image description here

Wait a while (it took me more than 10 minutes) then you will get;

enter image description here

This pink Canada will fit with your raster layer.

My bad, you will need +360; See below comment by Vince.

If you want to edit your raster layer, I don't know any tool in QGIS (I will use SAGA).

  • Shouldn't the translation distance be +360, not +180? You'd want to move Canada north of the US, not onto Finland and Russia. – Vince May 5 '19 at 12:07
  • Aah...!! Thanks @Vince – Kazuhito May 5 '19 at 12:09

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