I would like to create an offline Android app that can read shapefiles and generate maps as created on ArcGIS. I tend toward using Python for it.

How do I go about it?

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Python is not the best option there, but it is doable for sure.

I would suggest two libraries:

  1. Kivy - to build a basic mobile app
  2. Matplotlib - to visualize shapefiles (and other spatial formats)

You will also need another library to extract geometry from the shapefile, pyshp could be a good choice.

To use matplotlib with kivy you can use kivy-garden which contains all necessary bindings. Here is a simple example how to use these libraries to display the most simple plot:

from kivy.garden.matplotlib.backend_kivyagg import FigureCanvasKivyAgg
from kivy.app import App
from kivy.uix.boxlayout import BoxLayout
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

plt.plot([1, 2, 3, 4, 5])

class ExampleApp(App):

    def build(self):
        box = BoxLayout()
        return box


And displaying shapefiles in matplotlib minimum example is:

import shapefile as shp
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

your_shapefile = shp.Reader("path/to/file.shp")

for shape in your_shapefile.shapeRecords():
    x = [i[0] for i in shape.shape.points[:]]
    y = [i[1] for i in shape.shape.points[:]]

Of course there are multiple possibilities and useful features in both.

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