My goal is to get the Percentage of Class Values from a fine Raster into a Feature Collection, for Each Pixel of a Coarser Raster

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I am Stuck at Creating Polygons per Courser Pixel (in Red) to use .reduceRegion() over.

I have this nice Code snippet to create Pixel Center Points. I want to Modify it so it calculated 4 Edge Coordinates for the Polygon and then Construct a Polygon. Although this way seems Dirty because the Edge Calculation is somewhat arbitrary since it depends on the Measures Distances instead of a clean Pixel Boundary extraction.

Function to Create Spaced Points, written by the user Kuik

function spacedPoints(AOI, projection) {
  // make a coordinate image
  // get coordinates image
  var latlon = ee.Image.pixelLonLat().reproject(projection);
  // put each lon lat in a list 
  var coords = latlon.select(['longitude', 'latitude'])
                 .reduceRegion({reducer: ee.Reducer.toList(),
                                geometry: AOI,
                                scale: projection.nominalScale().toInt(),
                                maxPixels: 10e10
  // zip the coordinates for representation. Example: zip([1, 3],[2, 4]) --> [[1, 2], [3,4]]
  var point_list = ee.List(coords.get('longitude')).zip(ee.List(coords.get('latitude')));
  // preset a random list
  var list = ee.List([0]);
  // map over the point list and add features as geometry
    var feats = ee.FeatureCollection(point_list.map(function(point){
      var ind = point_list.indexOf(point);
      var feat = ee.Feature(ee.Geometry.Point(point_list.get(ind)), {'ID': ind});
    return list.add(feat);
  return feats;

Is there a cleaner way of doing this? Otherwise, I'll write the proposed solution.

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