I have a NetCDF file (http://rs-data1-mel.csiro.au/thredds/catalog/bawap/rain/day/2017/catalog.html?dataset=bawap/rain/day/2017/bom-rain_day-20170201-20170228.nc) which I have imported into QGIS (version 3.6.2). The data contains raster images of rainfall data for each day in Feb 2017. I can page through the data in the Layer Styling window and that all looks good.

The problem is I want to make an animation out of this and Time Manager needs a proper date format. The date format on the supplied data looks like this "79289 d 20:45:52", so I need to do some data manipulation to convert this to a proper date format (I'm hoping that this will allow me to use Time Manager with the data).

I cannot see anything on how to do this in the documentation from the searches that I've done.

Can this be done in QGIS?

  • Not an answer but a suggestion - you may want to try Crayfish plugin (Export Animation tool) - while waiting for solution. – Kazuhito May 7 at 12:38

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