I hope this isn't a redundant question as I tried searching and trying several things to fix my problem, but here it is: My coworker dropped a bunch of pins in Google Maps, hoping that I could get them in a usable format such as a KMZ or shapefile. I went to Google Takeout and downloaded a GeoJSON of the labelled places. I then tried using My Geodata Converter to convert it from GeoJSON to KMZ, but I can't figure out the coordinate system. I have tried using EPSG 3857 which places my points in space and then EPSG 4326 which messes up my points and still has them in space. I then used mapshaper to create a shapefile of it and have the same problems. I am using this post and the article in it to try to understand what to do but my Python skills are severely lacking. Can anyone help me figure this out? Do I need to use Python to fix it?

If it matters, I do not have the Data Interoperability Toolbox but do use ArcDesktop 10.3.1.

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