I have a feature class in a geodatabase which I've joined a table to. The table which was joined has field names >10 chars.

I will then need to export the feature class to SHP and once completed, the exported SHP will truncate any field names (and corresponding alias') >10 chars.

Does anyone know of a workaround/script that can retain/preserve field name alias' when exporting from feature class to shapefile?

  • Shapefiles can have aliases when referenced within a map document or layer file, but not standalone. Remember that dBase is 80's technology; there's no place to store this info. My rule is to never save into shapefiles. – Vince May 7 at 14:57
  • @Vince: so there is no way to write in a script to re-populate ONLY the alias' values when exporting to SHP? – Phil May 7 at 15:09
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    There's probably some way, but you'd need to manually write parallel data, then provide a means to read it. And in the meantime, numeric nulls are lost, wide strings are truncated, date fields are truncated, the attribute table is restricted to 4000 bytes/row... Is it really worth using shapefile at all? – Vince May 7 at 15:26
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    One option is to create a blank Shapefile with the desired field names and types. Use Append with the Field Mapper to define the source/target fields. – klewis May 7 at 15:52

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