I am trying to plot a bunch of areas on a Google map. The locational elements of the data seem to be in St_area and St_length fields. I can't find much about this format. Is anyone familiar with how I can convert this to a set of coordinates that I can then put on a Google map?

Data here:


enter image description here

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    The download button allows you to download as shapefile or KML (you can overlay KML on google maps) > developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/examples/… – Mapperz May 8 at 16:44
  • Yes but unfortunately the locational elements i.e. st_area and st_length are not recognised by google even if I upload in KML so it doesn't work. I suspect I need to convert them to something else. – Reno May 8 at 17:02
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    st_length and st_area aren't locational elements but attributes of the features. There should be shape or feature coordinates--map those instead. – mkennedy May 8 at 23:44
  • Apologies, I have added what the data looks like in the OP. st_areashape and st_lengthshape must be the locational elements are there isnt any other data there! – Reno May 9 at 8:08
  • Can you please elucidate what do you mean by "a set of coordinates"? And as was already mentioned before, it is possible to download as KML which can be displayed in Google Maps API, check documentation Displaying KML. I hope you meant Google Maps API, did not you? Or you are talking about simple Google Maps? In that case, I will suggest using Google Earth where you can easily "drag&drop" your data in various formats in terms you just want to preview the data set. – Taras May 9 at 8:38

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