I have only one vector layer on my map, and it's not letting me select some polygons. For instance, this is what happens when I try to select a certain polygon (the yellow outline with the blue star inside it). enter image description here

enter image description here

Those polygons aren't missing or anything-- when I fill them in, everything gets filled correctly: enter image description here

Why can't I select this polygon?

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    It looks like they're overlapping. When you click to select, do you get the little icon pop up near the mouse that lets you switch your selection? Also, if you do a select-by-rectangle, does it select both of them? – JoshC May 8 at 17:52
  • When I just click once, nothing pops up. But when I do a select-by-rectangle it does select both of them. – ale19 May 8 at 17:53
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    If this is a shapefile, you should probably verify the topology, since selection algorithms are dependent on proper ring topology. – Vince May 8 at 17:57
  • Remove sbn and sbx components of shapefile. – FelixIP May 8 at 19:29
  • @FelixIP this is a feature class in a geodatabase, not a shapefile, so I can't do that. – ale19 May 9 at 2:08

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