I'm new to QGIS. Recently, I had my first experience of having to draw a circle. This is in a Geopackage layer using the 'Add Circle' option from the Edit menu, only whenever I go to draw it, it ends up...not circular.

Circle preview: enter image description here Circle drawn: enter image description here Somebody else had a similar problem, see here: QGIS3 Shape Digitizing Circles is Drawing Improperly . Setting my coordinates to EPSG:3721 does allow me to draw a proper circle, but when I switch back to EPSG:32230 it's an oval (and I'm not sure how well EPSQ:3271 works for local-scale mapping in Scotland...). Is there any way around this that doesn't involve changing projections?

  • Sorry, your question is extremely confusing - once you tell us you use EPSG:3721, then its 3271 - both are not valid in Scotland...
    – Babel
    Jan 7, 2022 at 11:18

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Basically the problem has been described here as the bug:


and here:


I had the same problem as you. I had roughly the same shape when using EPSG:4326.

You cannot do it without changing the geometry, but you can reproject your circle afterward to the geometry you want to use in your project.

enter image description here

Change your CRS system to EPSG:3857. You should get the proper circle. Then export it (reproject) where you will select the initial CRS system you are working on.

enter image description here

Alternatively, you can take a look at this plugin:

Shape tools

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