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Currently Google Maps is defining the island of Ibiza at the same level as the places on the island of Ibiza - In fact it doesn't even recognise the island, as it defaults searches to the town of Ibiza.


If you do a search for Mallorca, Google Maps defines it as a place on the island of Mallorca, pinpointed on the name of the island (Mallorca), but it isn't a single place, it is the whole island.


With Menorca, if you search, the first thing to come back is a place on the island of Menorca called Ciutadella de Menorca, and again google defines Menorca as a place on the island of Menorca just where the island name is written, pinpointed in the same way as Mallorca.


We use the Google Maps API to map properties on the island of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca, a search for these (what should be top-level names), returns results that are close to the pinpointed name of the island, whereas it should return everything on the island.

Does anyone have a workaround?

This issue is repeated elsewhere on other islands that are part of larger administrative areas.

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