I have an 8-bit greyscale image that I want to convert to a "heat map" based on data values (0-255), using a color ramp. I'm aware that gdaldem works with color-relief, so I used the following steps from a prior post:

  1. Take a raster of your choice (like SRTM as an example)
  2. Create the following text file named col.txt:

    0 black
    100 blue
    200 yellow
    300 orange
    400 red
    500 white
  3. On command line, run

    gdaldem color-relief N51E007.hgt col.txt out.tif

    When I do this, I get the following:

    "ERROR 1: Unknown color : Menlo-Regular;}"

It seems it is seeing the font type, for some odd reason. enter image description here

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