I have ArcSDE 10 and Oracle 11g installed on my Windows server 2003. And i am trying to query tables having st_geoemtry columns.and i have got the results when i am querying from SQL Developer, and queries are working fine. But when i am trying to access and filling into DataSet in c# using ADO.NET it is throwing exception like "Un supported data format" for st_geometry column.

Actually my main objective is querying oracle (ArcSDE) using C#. If anybody have any idea over this please share with me or at least some suggestions.


Hopefully someone will post an answer with code sample with using custom data types (ST_GEOMETRY)--I'm almost certain it is possible but I haven't done it.

I rarely access the actual geometry outside of ArcObjects, but when I do--I usually will convert to WKB in the select statement with a ST_AsBinary which will load into byte[] and then I convert back to IGeometry in c#.

It's a quick&dirty method--not the best method.

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