I am generally new to ArcGIS Pro. I am working on a project using photogrammetry where I am reconstructing 3D models and trying to measure the surface area of different sections of the models. Maybe I simply think it would be nice to be able to do this but I was hoping I could accomplish this task in ArcGIS Pro. I am thinking that I should be able to import the model using 3D Analyst, then simply create multipatch (3D) polygons that would be draped on the surface of the model so I can calculate the surface area of individual sections of the model (represented by the polygons). Is this possible in ArsGIS Pro? My reconstructed model is in a .dae file. When I use the "Import 3D file" tool in the 3D analyst toolbox it says it imports successfully but nothing shows up in my scene (I am using local). And again, I would love to be able to create polygon layers directly on the model (this is really key to accomplish what I want to do to the extent that I need it to be. I have heard of people importing orthophotos and DEMs and then creating polygons and calculating 3D metrics that way. I hope this all makes sense. I have been searching for a quite sometime not on how to do this but have had no luck.

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