I'm using QGIS 2.18.17 on Linux Mint 19. I have several .gpx files of waypoints recorded using a handheld GPS device. I can load them on to QGIS or Google Earth with no problems. However, I want to be able to access the coordinate data and the values for each GPS point that I have recorded.

When I look at the attribute table of the .gpx files in QGIS, the X and Y coordinates are not displayed, although the elevation, time, name, and comment data are. When I open the .gpx files in a text editor, the coordinate information is there and I can copy and paste the values for each waypoint.

I assume that there is an automated way to do this, like converting the .gpx to a .csv file.

How do I extract all the X and Y coordinates from a .gpx file using QGIS?

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  • You can do Layer... Save As... and choose the CSV output format. Choose Geometry type as POINT and Geometry as AS_XY:

enter image description here

Then you'll get a CSV like:


That was a for a set of route points rather than waypoints but similar output should result.

  • Alternatively you can open the attribute table for your points layer, then use the field calculator (abacus icon) to add two new attributes (columns) based on the $x and $y expressions. Like this:

enter image description here

  • Also theres a Processing module that does exactly this, called Add Geometry Attributes:

enter image description here

after running that on my test layer I see an extra xcoord and ycoord column.

What you should actually do will depend on why you want the coordinates anyway...

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