It is not clear to me yet conversely to Landsat and Sentinel-2 how to preprocesing RapidEye, only levels 3A and 3B.

The values of the images in Level 3A and 3B are already in Radiance or are DN?

In order to calculate vegetation indices what are the steps I should follow from a Level 3A and 3B to get At Surface Reflectance (or at canopy) for calculating NDVI and EVI and others....?

1- DN2TOARadiance

2- TOARadiance2TOAReflectance

3- TOAReflectance2AtSurfaceReflectance

Are all this procedures (1,2,3) needed for levels 3A and 3B?

If so where exactly can I find each of these formulas required for the processing steps needed?

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