The following PostGIS query is running very slow (> 1 day for about 1 million records):

UPDATE test.table1
    SET area= ST_Area(PC_EnvelopeGeometry(pa))
    WHERE area is null or area <> ST_Area(PC_EnvelopeGeometry(pa))::real

pa contains the point cloud patch (600 points) I had created following indexes:

  • spatial index (using Gist on PC_EnvelopeGeometry(pa)), binary index on area.

The PC has Core I7 processor, 64GB Ram with 1TB SSD & 4TB HDD. I've set the following Postgres server configuration:

shared_buffers = 13280MB, temp_buffers = 4096MB, work_mem = 2047MB, max_stack_depth = 3MB, 
min_parallel_table_scan_size = 5MB,
min_parallel_index_scan_size = 128kB
effective_cache_size = 18GB,
force_parallel_mode = on

Please advise what can be done to reduce the query processing time.

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