I am a young developer in Africa.

I want to use OSM on the web and mobile (Android and IOS).

Is there a free cross-platform SDK at 100% and open source for this? Or separate free SDKs for Android and IOS?


There's not going to be just one answer to this...

One example is "osmdroid" (see https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osmdroid and https://github.com/osmdroid/osmdroid ). That allows you to create an Android app that displays a map. Using it is actually a good simple "my second app" after the "Hello World" examples in Google's own tutorials.

If you want a JavaScript option, then something using https://leafletjs.com/ would be an option. That's used by many websites that show OSM maps, but it is easy to embed in a mobile app too.

Both of these options use external raster maps (which makes development simpler). There are lots of vector-based options too.

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