I have created a map in TileMill using OSM data (~500 Mb) and modifying the CartoCSS to fit my use case. I need to export it as an SVG with all the different objects being vectors etc.

However, when I use the built-in Export -> SVG function, the result is only a flat image of the area I defined in the viewfinder.

Tilemill export window

Except for some Font warnings during the export process, there are no errors. How can I obtain a vector image of my map?

Here is my export window in TileMill, the resulting image opened in Inkscape (showing that it is indeed only a flat image and not a collection of vectors) and the terminal output (showing no error, only warning).

Inkscape single image

Terminal output

  • I've added the images. The original .osm data is 500MB but I only try to export a small area of it. – A.carillon May 13 '19 at 20:13

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