I have several dashboards which i want to display within the same webpage.
each dashboard is loaded within an iframe and switching between them is done with basic js and css.
they are all manipulated with the same dropdown category selector using the same layer to help users select the data they want to see.

what i want to do is carry the selection over between all the dashboards, meaning that when the user want to see the indicators for city A he could select it in dashboard 1, and dashboards 2,3,4 and 5 will show the data for city A too.

I tried triggering click and focus events for the <a class="side-nav-link"></a> elements, as well as removign and adding the is-active and highlight classes for them like suggested here.

I also tried setting the values in the input and the value-container divs.

I realise that <a> shouldnt be activated by click events so I tried using the advice from here.

It seems like i'm missing an event that could be triggered, but i can't find any more advice about how make this selection.


I know how to access the elements within the <ifram>, i'm looking for a way to create a slection.
here's a codepen with an example dashboard within an iframe and the way to access the elements within the dashboard document.

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