I created TIN from contour lines, then I convert this TIN to Raster. After that I clipped the raster by Extract by Mask tool, now the problem is raster does not fill whole boundary.

Below image show the problem, how can I figure out this?

enter image description here

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    It looks like your source data was incomplete. The mask function isn't going to add data, just remove it. – Vince May 15 at 12:43

I just had to do this myself. I followed another post as guidance How to extend raster data for larger boundary?

What you're looking for is a Euclidean Allocation. Make sure you specify the shapefile boundary in the processing extent.

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    I used Topo to Raster instead of the above method and the output raster was coincident to boundary – Hadi Karimi Jul 20 at 19:01

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