I am using the Esri.ArcGISRuntime 100.5.0 NuGet package with C#.

I want to add something like a border around a point symbol. So I get the geometry of the symbol (this can be a circle, square, etc.) which is a Polygon geometry.

Based on this geometry I want to create a simple red Polyline.

I tried the following, but I only get a filled rectangle:

var solidStrokeSymbolLayer = new SolidStrokeSymbolLayer(solidStrokeSymbolLayer.Width, Color.Red)
    IsColorLocked = true,
    IsEnabled = true
var polygonSymbol = new MultilayerPolygonSymbol(new List<SymbolLayer>
var vectorMarkerSymbolElements = new List<VectorMarkerSymbolElement>
    new VectorMarkerSymbolElement(geometry, polygonSymbol)
var vectorLayer = new VectorMarkerSymbolLayer(vectorMarkerSymbolElements)
    IsEnabled = true,
    IsColorLocked = true

var pointSymbol = new MultilayerPointSymbol(new List<SymbolLayer>
    Size = 30d

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