Here is a part of a program that do segmentation based on SNIC algorithm and indeed compute some statistics based on the resulted clusters to determine the worst outlier for each clusters in order to pick extra seeds. At the end of the program this error occurs and I couldn't continue.

Tile error: Remote request too large (112600544 > 83886080) for output: [<Object>, <Object>....

and no map is shown. I don't know what is the problem ....

var fsd= ee.Image(fs).divide(65535).clip(Da).select('B3','B4','B5','B6','B7','B8A','B11');//the original image which is a Sentinel-2 full frame image
var snic2 = ee.Algorithms.Image.Segmentation.SNIC({
  image: fsd, 
  //size: 20,
  compactness: 0,
  connectivity: 4,
});//primary SNIC algorithm based on seedcon2 
var clusters = snic2.select('clusters');
var med = fsd.addBands(clusters).reduceConnectedComponents(ee.Reducer.median(), 'clusters',300);//median of each cluster
var specD=fsd.spectralDistance(med,'emd');//spectral distance from median of each cluster to all pixel
var maxspecD = specD.addBands(clusters).reduceConnectedComponents(ee.Reducer.max(), 'clusters',300)//compute the maximum of spectral distance in each cluster 
Map.addLayer(maxspecD,{}, 'maxspecD',false)// Here that error occurs
//In continue...we must filter the pixels based on threshold above...

**could you help me please?**

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