Using Run Application "G:\System\SSA\wor\Current\Townplanning_2018_v1\Zoning.wor" that's called from within a mapbasic program I want to load the workspace in the current map view rather than in a new one.

If I have

Dim nWindowID As Integer
nWindowID = FrontWindow()

How can I tell the run application to open in this window? This has to be in v15 32bit and not 64bit.


Here's how I would do it:

First capture the number of open window before opening the workspace:

nNumWindows = NumWindows()

Get the ID of the Map window to add the layers to:

nMID = FrontWindow()

Open the workspace and let it open the windows

Run Application "G:\System\SSA\wor\Current\Townplanning_2018_v1\Zoning.wor"

Find the map window. I just assume it's the last window opened by the workspace

nMIDNew = WindowID(NumWindows())

Now get the close string of the new map window and run it into the existing map

Set Window nMID Front
Run Command MapperInfo(nMIDNew, MAPPER_INFO_MERGE_MAP)

And finally, close the windows opened by the workspace

For nWID = NumWindows() to (nNumWindows + 1) Step -1
   Close Window WindowID(nWID)

I haven't declared any of the variables I have used

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A workspace file is basically a list of mapbasic commands. One of them is usually "map from....", which creates a new mapper. If you want it to add to an existing mapper, try to replace it with "add map frontwindow()...". See the help file.

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