I have 365 rasters (daily) and therefore I summed them to form an annual raster using raster calculator in Arcgis. The original cell size of daily raster is 5*3.75 (col 72, row 48), while the cell size of the annual raster is 5*5 (col 72, row 36). The cell size became larger automatically. Does anybody know why?

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You can control the cell size from the ArcToolbox -> Geoprocessing Environment -> Cell size. Also another way to sum all rasters is to use Cell Statistics tool with SUM type for such a task. Here is an illustration from the help page:

enter image description here

  • Thanks for the tips. But, the problem still remains. I controlled the cell size (set as Same as the daily raster layer), and I also used arcpy (arcpy.env.cellSize = "daily raster"). They both did not work. The potential reason might be the default output resolution was determined by the coarsest of X and Y of the cell size. Even though we can set the cell size equals to X(if X<Y), I did not find a solution to control X and Y at the same time. It seems that the cell size of output raster has to be a square (X=Y). May 20, 2019 at 9:21

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