Let's say I've exported a KML (from My Google Maps) with a list of waypoints like:

    <name>Bachledzki Wierch 8a</name>
    <description>tel: , 606 426 336</description>

Seemed simple, yet I was unable to find an online tool to auto-populate a legend with labels A, B, C, etc. using those points.

Any suggestions?

I went so far as to assign custom raster images to the icons of each Placemark, to attain alphabet letters.


However, no print, export nor even screenshot configurable in https://www.google.com/maps/d manages to show the <description> field also in the legend, only the <name> field alone (without the vital contact info I need to print out).

Is there any tool that dynamically generates the legend table, showing both name/title and description for each placemark, automatically lettering them, and ideally using the KML feed or My Google Map URL to stay updated? (Although I can manually export a new KMZ/KML after every change, if I must.)

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