the labels in GeoNetwork are defined as:

<element name="gmd:codeSpace" context="gmd:RD_Identifier">

but the problem is we also have a Regulation Source which is saved in the metadata in a gmd:codeSpace tag and if we create a new element for that it gets ignored since both have the same name and the same context (gmd:RD_Identifier).

Is there a way to work around this?


You can use the full XPath as context if they have a different one for each element. For example

    <element name="gmd:codeSpace" context="/gmd:MD_Metadata/gmd:referenceSystemInfo/gmd:MD_ReferenceSystem/gmd:referenceSystemIdentifier/gmd:RS_Identifier/gmd:codeSpace">
    <element name="gmd:codeSpace" context="/gmd:MD_Metadata/other/path/to/gmd:RS_Identifier/gmd:codeSpace">
       <label>Regulation Source</label>

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