I have a punctual shapefile of wind turbines. The task is to discover if those wind turbines are visible to the human eye. The human eye can see a maximum of 1.6 meters. Which tool can create or add new points near to the wind turbines in a radius of 5 km and then apply the viewshed analysis.

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  • This ArcPro tool appears to be able to create points at a specified radius? Then use the standard viewshed tool. – Hornbydd May 21 at 9:01
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    I think you are a bit confused in viewshed analysis. The human eye can see a lot further than 1.6m - it sounds like you mean that is your observer height. Can you clarify what these points are which you wish to add - any digitizing tool can do that. Alternatively are you asking how to do viewshed analysis (in which case you only need the turbine points and the height of the turbines)? – MappaGnosis May 21 at 9:01
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  • What is a "punctual shapefile"? Is it perhaps a point shapefile? – PolyGeo May 21 at 22:56

Regardless the fact that human eye can see farther than 1.6 meters, to create points in a radius of 5km from your turbines you could:

  1. calculate a buffer around your wind turbines with the Buffer tool, specifying your turbines as input and 5km as your distance
  2. if you have a Spatial or 3D Analyst extension (which you should otherwise you could not make a visibility analysis with ArcGIS) OR if you have an advanced license, use the Create Random Points tool to create some points within 5 km from your turbines. here you would use the buffer you cerated in step 1 as your constraining feature.

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